Vision and purpose

Core to the ethos of AMMSA is a unique camaraderie. The association aims to build on this esprit de corps and to nurture a spirit of co-operativeness and resourcefulness on a journey of technical discovery and innovation in one of the world’s greatest industries.

The broader objectives of AMMSA

  1. Encouraging a transfer of mining related knowledge and practice amongst members
  2. Providing a structure for members to interact with each other, with affiliates and with major industry stakeholders
  3. Participating in numerous industry forums and influencing direction regarding health and safety, professional registration, education, qualifications and legislation
  4. Sharing of best practices to add value to the member and to the business of mining
  5. Providing members with healthy social interaction

We live according to the motto of AMMSA – VI VIRTUTEQUE: with strength and integrity we can meet the challenges that come our way.